alexi is a popluar name for a boy in russia. very sweet always putting peoples needs before his. extrememly smart, outgoing and very athletic. nicest guy youll ever meet. flirts a lot. is loved by many. doesnt like to be hated. he is a whore, but not a douchebag. likes to try new things and travel around, doesnt like to stay in one spot for a long time.
wow hes like everyones dream guy, such an alexi.
by nahhdoe123 August 15, 2011
The most beautiful girl in the whole world nothing can replace her shes very nice loving and caring and has the best smile and laugh she can always make you laugh and smile till your cheeks fall off shes the best kind of woman you can meet and she will never hurt you and will always love everything about you she makes a very good girlfriend with her hot bod and her sexy lips ;) and her perfect hair everything about Alexis is perfect
Alexis is so perfect.
by VooDoo July 29, 2013
You will always fall in love with an "Alexis" when you come across one. an Alexis is One of a kind. Can be either too loud or way to quiet. Shy yet crazy. Always smiling and laughing. She loves music and dirty jokes. She'll finish your sentences. If you're lonely she'll be there for you when you need company.
Friend: I spent time with Alexis
Friend #2: What happened!
Friend: she said I can't tell no one its a secret
by secretttttts January 28, 2015
a beatiful girl who loves having fun and laughs and smiles a lot. She may not be the most patient person though. She has her flaws, but who doesnt. You can count on her, and she always fun to talk to and be around. Shes a great person all around.
"hey who is that"
"oh thats Alexis, shes always fun to be with"
by Grapefruit =D April 23, 2010
Alexis' are usually very talkative and energetic, always doinf something. They are very pretty and can make you laugh with the simplest or smallest of jokes. They have a way of making you smile when you're sad and listen when you need someone to listen to. They can be very rude sometimes due to the fact that they feel as if they are being disrespected or judged, or if they feel that if they dont act a certain way they will be taken advantage of. They are very loyal and fun to be around. Very smart and always like to get their work in on time or be for its due, but yet can be very good at procrastinating. They can be very nice unless they feel threatened or insulted. Love to make friends to those who need it and those who she enjoys their company. Also very helpful even when they can be very annoying.
Alexis' always makes me laugh when I'm not even in the mood to talk to anyone
by akms January 04, 2015
A girl who has a very bubbly personality, is very sweet and kind. Has a very big heart towards others and is trustworthy. You can tell her anything. She is beautiful with a amazing smile. She always puts a smile on people's face, and makes friends easily. She always fights for what she believes in. She is a friendly person with a lot of intelligence.
"Hey look there's alexis
by Coolgirl53 January 03, 2015
amazing friend who dont take shit from no one super funny and allways cheers u up annoying in every best way hyper but she never brings u down she will never backstab you because she is an awesome person love u lexi face
hey how are you im feeling alexis right now
by hellokittyloolface123 August 01, 2014
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