An utterly amazing girl who has this amazing power to make certain people smile like crazy.
One with unlimited beauty on the inside and out.
A girl that is kind and gorgeous and down to earth and has an amazing sense of humour.
Alexis has beautiful hair, an unbelievably hot body, an incredible smile, unresitable breasts, devine legs, and manages to be cute, adorable, beautiful, gorgeous, pretty, hot and sexy all at the same time, 24/7!

She's also very very desireable in bed and believed to probably the best anyone ever had (;

She will find a special someone from Scotland and make his day every single day she talks to them and become their everything.
Them: Who's Alexis?
Me: My gorgeous perfect girlfriend <3
by Scottish_B August 30, 2010
Alexis's Are Gorgeous girls with kicking butts.The can be very sweet but they can be huge bitches. They are usually very smart. They usually have great eyes and beautiful lips. They are very funny and usually can brighten anyone's day.They are very good kissers and are huge flirts.
Boy: Dude that girl is Gorgeous

Boy # 2: she must be an Alexis
by Chris Operenza October 29, 2011
A beautiful women great in bed. Has one of the prettiest smiles. Everyone loves her laugh. She loves to party. She is a great dancer. She is normally a short girl. She loves attention and has so many friends. She is just a great person all the way around. She is known for her boobs and dresses very cute.
by I am a fun and crazy girl March 25, 2011
A girl who's louder than a bull horn! She's hotter than jalepenos! She's always smiling and laughing! She loves music and dirty jokes! She's caring and the friend who can make you laugh when your in utter despair! She's the girl you know is going places!( She hates whores)
Alexis: You know I make it rain on my bitches!!!!
by Mexcellence July 29, 2011
An all around amazing young girl. She has her flaws, and is very insecure about them. She is awfully beautiful and humble. She has an amazing soul. Alexis is a shy girl, but is very out going once you get to know her. She always has a smile on her face. She is incredibly smart and down to earth. She is one of the realest and nicest people you can ever meet. Alexis is a very kind hearted person who will be there for you no matter what. She is an amazing best friend and girlfriend. One day she will be something relevant to this world. Her heart only beats for one person and doesn't whore around. Alexis is a beautiful, intelligent, and compassionate girl that you can't let slip out of your hands.
by Anonymous000000000000000 February 18, 2013
A very beautiful girl inside and out. A best friend and a lover that will never leave your side
"I'm so lucky I'm dating alexi"

"why man?"

"because she's awesome!"
by skidoo500 February 04, 2010
Is very kind and caring . She got and amazing laugh and knows how to show someone a good time.
Once you get her dont let go , cause she can find another in a heart beat .
Shes very hard to please and is always joking around .
Shes one fine ass bitch and is not let to be left alone at any partyss
Guy : Woahhh who's that ?
Guy 2 : I don't know but shes finee
Guy : Get her before shes gone
Guy 2 : Yeah I know shes and Alexis
by Me3eee3 December 31, 2010

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