A gorgeous girl with a wonderful heart. She's beautiful inside and out. Not many of her kind exist. She's talented and very artistic. She loves music and she's always there for her friends. She loves to smile and has an adorable laugh. She's irresistable and pretty much everyone loves her. She's a great kisser and very passionate. She's a flirt but when she's in a relationship she's always faithful. She's very loyal, caring, and will always make you laugh. You'll want to be with her 24/7.
Girl - "Man I'm so jealous of her."
Boy - "Oh, you mean that Alexis over there? I want her so bad."
Girl - "Yeah well you know she's taken?"
Boy - "Aww man, I hope there's another Alexis like her out there."
Girl - "Not really."
by someonenotnamedalexis May 25, 2011
A girl who knows what she wants. Shy, nice, and caring. Sensitive, yet doesn't care what other people say. Not always confident. A pretty chill person. Mysterious
Guy one: Dude that girl is so mysterious, its such a turn on!
Guy two: Dudeeee thats an Alexis!
by Mynameisfrank2 August 25, 2011
Fucking amazing, most hilarious girl on the planet.
Hot, beautiful, flirty. Will only go out with the boy she loves.
Very horny. Outgoing, will be upfront with someone she hates and Is willing to kick anyones head In. Smart ass, creative.
Alexi ;)
Girl: Who's that girl over there?
Other girl: I know her, that's Alexi.
Girl: Oh, do you like her? She's really pretty.
Other girl: I love her she's so funny. My brother thinks she's hot.
by cooutaa September 24, 2010
A best friend.
A pretty girl.
A person with a big mind and big imagination.
A girl with so many talents and skills.
Is harsh at times,but totally worth it.
Fabulous,awesome,cool,sweet,kind,funny,interesting, basically sums her up.
"Did you see that show Alexis was in?"

"No, but I want to, she's totally talented!"
by Buddie2011 December 26, 2011
The most gorgeous girl you'll ever meet! Alexis has the most beautiful smile you'll ever see and will light up any room instantly. Her big smile and beautiful big glimmering eyes will brighten you up on the worst days. She is known for her amazing boobs! Everyone, including girls, can't stop staring at them! Shes an amazing kisser and super amazing in bed. Guys will easily fall in love with her. If she falls in love with you, don't let her go, she'll make an amazing wife. Shes one of a kind just like a precious jewel. Alexis's are usually very thoughtful, loving, sweet, honest, wise, sensitive, and have a great sense of humor. You'll always laugh around an Alexis. Her laugh is unforgettable. Alexis's are usually very happy and laugh all the time. Some may mistaken her for a dumb blonde but dont underestimate her, she will be very successful one day. They are very energetic and one of the most bubbly people you'll ever meet. She's always the life of the party. Alexis's have expensive taste, but dont worry shes not a golddigger. Girls are jealous of her and wish they were her, which is understandable because she can get any guy she wants and is dead drop gorgeous.
Guys- Damn Alexis is soo sexy! I'd but a ring on that in a heartbeat!
by Sarah Hayes December 11, 2012
a girl who used to be a party girl. but now in love with the guy of her dreams that she has crushed on for a year before dating him. still cant spell, still a good listener and still has a sexy body and still very sexualll
alexis is brandyn's love.
by kidbreezy June 13, 2010
The most beautiful young lady EVER. She has an amazing sense of humor and likes to speak in an australian accent... She is very mature and smart. She is loved by many. Oh and she thinks her nose is big, but it is adorable.
I am in love with an Alexis.
by King of the little bears August 16, 2011
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