If you're wondering why you can't speak nor breath, don't worry, she's known to make you speechless, and take your breath away. She's loving, caring, laid back, and the most beautiful thing you'll ever lay eye's upon. You can tell her anything without fear of being judged, so talking to her comes naturally. If you give her a compliment, and she denies it, don't worry, she's one of the most humble people you'll ever meet, there isn't the slightest touch of arrogance in her ways. With one or two words, she can make or break you, for she speaks the truth, and when she speaks, her words are spoken as if she was an angel. If you're ever cold, she'll be there to warm you, if you're lonely, she'll be the first to offer company. She only asks to be treated, as she treats you. She knows that to be happy in life, you don't need to be rich, or well off, just with those you love. And if you look into her eyes, you'll experience the most beautiful, warming, and mind numbing sensation known to man. You can get lost in her eyes, but wow, when you look into them.. There's a connection like no other. So, if you're lucky enough to have her in your life, never take it for granted, I don't.
by TheTruth24/7 November 22, 2011
A girl whose inner beauty is only exceeded by humbleness towards her outer beauty. She's also down to earth, doesn't get jealous of celebrities, and'll make your day. She sings and plays musical instruments as well as writes songs. She's a diamond in a haystack.
"Hey bro I heard you looking for a new girl, I wanna introduce you to one"
"Only if she's an Alexis"
by Iklipse February 27, 2010
athletic big booty white girl. good at kissing. good companion.

ex. wow that alexis has a huge ass for a white girl!
by alexiss. May 28, 2008
Her name means leader of mankind, and she is one! Men can't help but follow her around. She has naturally big boobs and a great juicy ass like a peach. She is serious but she can hang with the guys. She keeps secrets extremely well, and she is very loyal. A great speller, extremely intelligent, and everything you would want in a girl. She is also very hard to keep. If you are lucky enough to get her and she loves you, give that girl a ring!
"I'm dating Alexis now" - dude 1
"What?! How did you get that girl?! She is out of everyone's league!" -Dude 2
by aaaaaa10 May 21, 2010
Alexis' are beautiful on the inside and out. They make guys smile 24/7, guys also get either very shy or crazy around Alexis's because they are so amazing, it's hard for them to handle.
Andrew: I think i'm in love with Alexis...i can't even talk to her. *tears fall* I WANT HER SO BAD
by yankeegirl46 May 12, 2011
An Alexis is one of a kind, she is very smart and gorgeous. she is very understanding and down to earth (although she belongs in heaven. Alexis is one of the most funny people you will ever meet. she loves dinosaurs (because her boyfriend is one)
WOW look at that girl i wish i knew her!

Yea thats alexis
by heyRAWRyou June 15, 2010
A girl with an amazing attitude, fun to talk to, and extremely cute. She is nice, smart, and hilarious. Her stick-to-it-tiveness to overachieve and willingness to help everyone makes her an all-around awesome person.
I don't see why that girl has never had a boyfriend. She's such an Alexis!
by bettato May 06, 2010
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