a child with an abnormal facial positions and loves to annoy people and likes to sneak out to get head from a blonde cheerleader late in the night after smoking bowls upon bowls of marijuana.
"that guy is such an albert."
by whitepeach August 14, 2011
A quiet shy cute guy who is unique and doesn't conform. He listens to badass bands and extremely smart and funny. He is good to his friends, and is always true to himself. Alberts is the best person to ever have around.
Girl: "why can't you be like alberts"
Guy: "I'm lame"
by ThatOneGirlYouDon'tRealize October 28, 2010
A musically gifted and talented genius. A consummate perfectionist, especially when it applies to his his craft of music. He is fiercely loyal and protective of the ones he loves, like that of a lion, protecting his lair. He is extremely intelligent and articulate and can use his words like a sword if he needs to do so. An astute observer of life. He knows and sees things that the average person may miss. His mate must be equally yoked with him in his intelligence, spirituality, sensuality and intensity, or for him, life would be mundane. He is a true black diamond in the rough. Do not let the exterior fool you! He is an extremely rare gem that can only truly be appreciated by one who knows his true value.......priceless beyond measure!! Finally, Albert is a man who can make his Janice feel as if she is perfect, when they both know she is not. He lets her know constantly, that she is perfect for HIM!! That's my Al.......
That man is my whole life!! That's my Albert...........says Janice!!!
by jewill60 March 19, 2014
A sexy boy with a penis (bulbul) larger then African Americans.He is known to be a wanksta but lovable anyways.He can last up to three hours in bed and make you orgasm in a matter of seconds.If you dont know an Albert then commit suicide.
OMG it's Albert lets sexually invade him.
by a-y wanksta October 26, 2011
Indecisive, a complete gentleman, kinda whipped but still sweet, the love of my life <3 Then name of the sweetest guy in the world
Jessica loves Albert so much! <3
by BlondeGirl <3 October 27, 2011
The type of guy that looks like a little boy and who blushes alot. He has big lips and will possibly have babies with big fat lips. He also happens to be My best friend forever. He is the best person you will ever meet, You wont regret meeting him at all. He is a very lovable person and he is absolutely cute. <3
"Aw your such an albert!"
by kaaaylaaaa. March 08, 2010
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