An Albert is the type of guy who is effortlessly troll. He has the power to make you feel incredibly emarrassed while he relentlessly charms his way through. Upon getting to know an Albert better, you find that he has the perfect combination of sweetness, loyalty, and sponateity. One must be cautious when pursued by an Albert because his persistence will amaze you. Although he might only use powerful tactics such as watching romance movies over skype during the first couple months of courting, he will undoubtedly win your heart over through whispered midnight phone conversations. Some of his favourite hobbies including watching anime, playing Runescape, and ignoring his girlfriend for league matches. Alberts are very practical although not that thorough when it comes to planning trips such as camping. They love their families and you're lucky if you get the chance to meet them because they are the very reason your Albert is the amazing guy he is. Alberts make you assure yourself everyday that he's in it for the long run and that you should never let him go. But beware because they can be harsh grammar nazis and make you doubt uselessly when posting urbandictionary definitions.
Do you miss your mom Albert? No? Hehehehehoohoohoo
by Yeahimasneakybear October 17, 2015
an Albert is a hot pc gamer who loves to play infestation survivor stories and everyone loves him.

An Albert is usually seen bashing console fags with copies of Day Z.
That guy is the coolest guy ive ever seen he must be an Albert.
by Snoop Dog69 November 25, 2013
Albert is a relaxed,cool,sexy,smoking hot dude that u will fall in love with instantly but don't want to fuck with or just make him pissed or u out. Albert can also be sweet,nice, and loving. It is very easy to fall in love with an Albert.
That Albert over there (👉) is hot and looks relaxed.
by Greatshyshy June 01, 2016
Albert is a sexy ass mothafucka with a big ass dick and fucks your mom every night until she cries
Ohh girl look at that bulge in his pants damn ill get some of that alllll night thats obviously an Albert
by Sexy ass motha fuckas March 20, 2016
a cool name for a cool guy. a very common name for someone from massachussetts. the sad part though is this name usually means the person doesnt have a lot of friends.
albert burbank, albert einstein
by unknown_name334 May 16, 2011
1. Annoying and whining female.

2. Female Dog
3.An exceedingly whipped guy who does/wears/thinks/says whatever his girlfriend tells him to.
4.spineless cretin

Basically a Bitch!
Dude 1: yo , we're going bar hopping wanna come?

Dude2 : hold on let me check with my girl.

Dude1: man stop being such a Lil Albert and let's go!
by Kryptonssavior May 24, 2016
A fist bump at the most awkward of occasions, demonstrating an inability to analyze social cues.
LOL Albert pulled an Albert! What a guy.
by Muner December 12, 2013
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