Indecisive, a complete gentleman, kinda whipped but still sweet, the love of my life <3 Then name of the sweetest guy in the world
Jessica loves Albert so much! <3
by BlondeGirl <3 October 27, 2011
an Albert is a hot pc gamer who loves to play infestation survivor stories and everyone loves him.

An Albert is usually seen bashing console fags with copies of Day Z.
That guy is the coolest guy ive ever seen he must be an Albert.
by Snoop Dog69 November 25, 2013
a cool name for a cool guy. a very common name for someone from massachussetts. the sad part though is this name usually means the person doesnt have a lot of friends.
albert burbank, albert einstein
by unknown_name334 May 16, 2011
Small , Pale , Gamer who is to smart for his own good and very sarcastic. Always zonked
Albert , nuff said
by El'Bobert March 09, 2010
An extremely cute guy that loves lauren nguyen :]
That guy is such an Albert!
by I Love Lauren :]]] February 14, 2011
1. someone i can read like a book
2. someone who LOVES face rubbing sessions.
3. a true FONDLERRR
4. a sweet person i would love to have in my life.
prince charming is just like an albert.
ok, i lied ;
by KWINHnotKWIN August 30, 2008
An ignorant baboon that is stubborn as a mule. Originally, the word albert was a name, but it has now become a definition of a person who criticizes everyone, but does not realize his own gaping flaws.

An albert has it periods twice every four days, whether male or female, and generally picks fights when in this stage
chad - stop being such an albert!

Richard - you are such an albert! don't you realize nobody has ever confirmed what you say about yourself?
by EE3-Bro's-bro December 08, 2009

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