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N. Slang. An unexpectantly large penis on an otherwise unattractive man. Term most likely originated from the handsome Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, whom was rumored to be very well hung. Not to be confused with the male genital piercing Prince Albert, though the origin is probably related.
"I was surprised, he was short, fat and bald but whipped out an Albert."
by RandomThought November 28, 2009
44th President of the United States.

A guy who has stated, "We can't keep our houses at 72 degrees, eat however we want, and drive our SUV's and think other countries are going to be okay with that." As if we are not independent enough to do whatExtreme abortion supporter- supports abortion up to 30 weeks gestation! There are people walking around born before 44th President of the United States. First president to not be fully white; therefore, no one can criticize without being called a racist. He is after all only half black. A socialist at heart. He is redistributing wealth to all the slugs sucking off the government tit and declaring war on the middle class. The chocolate Jimmy Carter. Blames all failures on George Bush- see Bush Defense, The chocolate Adolf Hitler. Living proof that no matter how sucessful a black man is, he's still living in govenment housing. Did something more stupid than George Bush when he had the Beer Summit at the White House. Spends taxpayers money like he won the lottery- see Powerball Obama. He Idolizes Hugo Chavez, Che Guevara and Karl Marx. Doubters please Google the above names with Obama's name. I wish I was making this up.

Last name Obama is an Acronym:





In 20 years, history will not be as kind to President Barack Obama as the press is.
by RandomThought January 12, 2010
A heffawomp is a person who tells horrible or "Corny" jokes on a regular basis also referring to "Womp Womp Womp"
Person 1: Your really corny.
Person 2: You can take the girl outta of the corn but you can't take the corn outta the girl.
Person 1: That was so bad your a real heffawomp.
by randomthought January 03, 2015
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