First emporer of the moon!!
inventor of the internet!!!
killer of manbearpig!!!!
tamer of the mighty moon bug!!!
father of jesus!!!!
Al Gore is a lying fucking douche with no friends. I'm super fucking cereal
by lelands May 25, 2008
The term Al Gore is taken from the actually person, Al Gore who was a former USA Vice-president, a USA Presidential Candidate and most recently produced An Inconvenient Truth (Documentary on Global Warming).

To use Al Gore as a term, it's mainly to indicate that someone who thinks they're going to win or have a chance doesn't actually. Just like Al Gore in the Presidential Election Race, he thought he had a chance but in reality, George W. Bush was never going to lose.
Langer: "Did you see South Africa play Australia in the World Cup"?
Katich: "Yeah what an Al Gore that was".
Langer: "South Africa are more like a John Kerry, than Al Gore, bloody chokers".
by Holden Morrisey Caulfield August 13, 2007
1. Former U.S. Vice President.
2. Grower of beards.
3. Practioner of Black Magic.
4. Inventor of the Internet (most important).
Tyler: Hey, you want to go to church with me?
Jack: Church?
Tyler: Yeah, the Church of Al Gore's Beard!
Jack: Sweet, I'm there!
by Quinn Mallory December 21, 2005
A politican who ran for president of the United States in 2000. He has never gotten over the fact that he lost, and will still make comments on the election, even though it has been a good 5+ years. He also has an obsession with global warming.
Al Gore has a new movie, called "An Inconvenient Truth", which, inconveniently, happens to be a movie filled with charts and graphs, and has no entertainment value.
by startpanicing August 26, 2006
A man who ISN'T and NEVER was President of the United States, contrary to popular belief by numerous liberals and other angry Democrats. This man is a total jackass, and we all know that he did NOT invent the internet.
Al Gore is a damned fool. He doesn't even truly represent his own state (Tennessee) either; he spent most of his life in a political atmosphere with his daddy in Washington!
by Fan of Survivor (the band) May 13, 2005
Vice President to Bill Clinton and also the loser who thinks he invented the internet
Al Gore: um i took the liberty of inventing the internet
by NS March 29, 2005
"It's the Electoral vote that counts.That's our system and we ought to abide by it!" -- Al Gore
"We ought to abide by it - Jen-ny..."
by Al "Forrest Gump" Gore October 22, 2004

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