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Arlington is the site of Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington County, Virginia. The population is 200,000+, and the cemetery is the home of fallen soldiers, as well as the tomb of the unknown soldier.
"Dust to dust, don't cry for us, we made it to Arlington."
by zchris87v September 11, 2006
The shortened name for the Georgia Bulldogs.
If you google "dawgs", the second thing that comes up is UGA's fansite.
by zchris87v September 21, 2006
iLrn (circa 2000) was a form of cruel and unusual punishment practiced by various universities around the US, similar to that of maple and matlab.

The online homework program utilizes a unique "insanity" factor by repeatedly telling students they are WRONG in large, red, bold letters, even when they answer a question right.
-Hey did you go that iLrn homework?
-Nah, I just went to the store for some rope and tied a noose instead.
by zchris87v September 26, 2006
Some of the hardest motherfuckers you've ever met. Known to be armed with mostly tennis balls as a primary means of defense/attack. Can implement immense amounts of destruction and pain with said weapons.

Chief rivals of the Blue Shirt gang.
That boy Gary's a hard motherfucker, he a green shirt!
by zchris87v September 26, 2006
Former vice president of the United States and former congressman. He is best known for his claim of having been a mind behind the internet, as spoken by himself: "During my service in the United States Congress I took the initiative in creating the Internet."

Gore was elected to congress in 1976, seven years after the first internet transmission occurred at UCLA in 1969.

Though not claiming to have "invented" the internet, his claim is similar to that of anyone adding something so minorly substantial to something and claiming to have helped invent it.
Al Gore, who believes himself to have helped create the internet, is in fact only lying. One can see further examples of this by watching his new movie, An Inconvenient Truth.
by zchris87v September 07, 2006
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