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The Ajax is pose used in photography, pornography or on the DF as a dance move. This move is performed to allude to the supreme manliness of the individual performing it.

The Ajax is performed by raising one arm and holding it outstretched from the body at an elevated angle, while the second arm is bent at the elbow and pointed in the same direction as the outstretched arm. The person performing the Ajax should adopt a wide legged stance with the same leg as the outstretched arm cocked out towards the side. The individual then proceeds to thrust their hips forwards and backwards simulating being blown by an invisible individual on their knees. After several thrusts the pose is reversed thus the bent arm becomes the outstretched arm and visa vera while the leg cocked at an angle is returned to the centre and the opposite leg is cocked outwards and thrusting resumes.

This move first originated three thousand years ago around 1000 B.C. during the epic battle known as the Trojan War. The ancient greek war hero known as Ajax Telamon is reputed to have performed this move while receiving felatio from the Greek Goddess Athena a hectic Smoh Ah.
Ajax's war companions Achilles and Odysseus witnessed Ajax receiving oral from the goddess and noted the pose he assumed while he was getting head. After the war ended the Heroes returned to their respective city states and ordered the wives to get on their knees and blow them. The wives gladly obliged having not seen their husbands for several years and upon receiving a blowjob the heroes performed the pose they had witnessed the legendary Ajax doing.

Since then the move has permeated pop culture to a significant degree and is now performed in a variety of circumstances including its original context as a pose to be assumed while receiving felatio.
Example 1.
Man 1 "Wow do you see that guy who is smashing up on the DF he is the epitome of badassness"
Man 2 "Yeah what is that move he is doing?"
Man 1 "You hectic rookie thats The Ajax!"
Man 2 "Man how did i not recognize it!"
Man 1 hands Man 2 a katana
Man 1 "You must atone!"
Man 2 proceeds to commit seppuku for failing to recognize The Ajax being performed.

Example 2.
Woman 1 "Oh my god that massive ripped guy on the dance-floor is doing The Ajax pose!"
Woman 2 "Wow lets let him bang us"

Example 3.

Black Guy 1 "Nigga I was getting my crank sucked by my girl last night and i busted out The Ajax."
Black Guy 2 "You fucking legend, I am going home right now to get head off my girl and bust out The Ajax"
by Ninja Mc Stealth Kill September 29, 2009
when a man gives one 2 black eyes and a lost tooth by slapping one with his penis
sam: hey fuck you
scotty:im gonna ajax your ass
sam:do it you wont
scotty:%$#&$#@$%@#$^$...... yea get ajaxed
by scottylicous February 06, 2010
A greek mythical figure, and hero.
Also a cleaning supply.
Ajax also known as Ajax the lesser was a king who committed suicide for not reciving Achilles armour.
by mabu April 06, 2009
synonym for fast.
frank: did you see that dude fly past on a segway?
benny: yeh mate, it was well ajax!
by bubble07 January 10, 2009
1: To have a "clean swagg". 2: if you did somthing cool. 3: If you spit a dope verse in a freestyle.
Yo, man those kicks are streaght ajax my dude
by JonJon McCumber September 27, 2010
Ace and Jack as your hole cards in Texas Hold 'Em.
"I went all-in with ajax suited."
by Coell May 12, 2005
a very potent or high amount of ThC in that type of marijuana Made by G's Us in louisville,kentucky.
Tommorow night i am gonna pick up some ajax and were gonna smoke all night.
by Big_Chris September 26, 2006