extremely good pitbull terrier derived from a legendary dog from north london
my dogs getting nearly as good as ajax
by samson06 August 09, 2006
Boringest. Town. Ever.
Seriously, I live there, it's like...nowheresville.
Me: Yeah I live in Ajax
Person: You poor thing!
by How_Tragic October 09, 2005
ajax is the name of the most hated football club in the netherlands. They are from collaborratorville aka Amsterdam. They collaborated with the Nazis.
The reason the Nazis did not bomb Amsterdam is because Amsterdam eagerly collaborated. Nowhere did the Nazis find bigger friends then in Amsterdam. Amsterdammers sold their jewish neigbours to the gestapo at 7 guilders 50 cents each. Ajax was the first club to fire its jewish members.
by Hank K May 15, 2007

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