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The protagonist of Homer's epic The Odyssey, which details the king of Ithaca's ten year return voyage following the Trojan War. Odysseus' pasage is plagued by wrathful gods, seductive temptresses, powerful mythical creatures, and his own crew's mistrust.

As an individual, Odysseus is a mere mortal but who posseses a body unmatched by any man and a mind that's as quick as it is cunning. After ten rough years of fighting in the Trojan War, Odysseus is an accomplished leader and hardened warrior who's combative skills have been honed to devastating precision. Odysseus, in many ways, represents what the ancient Greeks considered to be the pinnacle of human perfection.
Odysseus, the man of many burdens, is the greatest hero of all time.
by Hero in Hiding February 22, 2007
97 23
Some stud who went to war for a billion years, got lost on the way back, cheated on his wife- thrice- and
I am Odysseus, King of Itaca. I need GPS.
by Eurymachus October 12, 2010
53 11