Top Definition
A.k.a Mairey
Cock Mongler

A 19 year old male that preys on the 14 year old girls at the beach, park, school and local parties. Also enjoys driving in his piss soaked and flat tyred car
14 year old girls:
Hey, theres that Airey guy
Why is he staring at us??
Lets get out of here....

Airey: Damn, the window of oppurtunity just shut
by Cloggas November 07, 2004

Currently 19 years old, now targeting 14 year olds.
"The window of oppurtunity has opened" - Airey working his magic on the youngins.

"Airey is with a 14 year old."

"Did you see that?! Airey just tried to pick up a 12 year old and got shut down."
by Candice November 07, 2004
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