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Adrian: Is one of the world's sweetest people ever to have seize to exist on this planet. Adrian can be very romantic, and always seem to have a giant heart. Adrian can also be very funny & make everyone have a good time with his good spirit. Adrian's always seem to have a perfect sense of style, and are always organized. They're very forgiving & give chances to redeem yourself. Adrian's look within the heart, and see passed any flaws. They are very spontaneous & live life on the edge. Adrian makes any heart melt, especially a Cynthia's. He's so good willing, and makes anyone happy with just one kiss on the lips, cheek, hand, and or forehead. His heartbeat makes any day better, & his daring ways will just make you like them more. They're very fun, crazy, loud, phenomenal, & a wonderful person to ever be around. An Adrian is absolutely perfect for a Cynthia. If you know an Adrian, you're a very lucky person.
-"You're smiling in delight, did you meet an Adrian?"
by RadXcyndi824 February 08, 2010
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