It's something you have when you're absolutely adorable.
The ability to be adorable
No, it got so many likes because of your adorability
by PshhObvsNotZoe December 28, 2010
Possesing the ability to portray cuteness in any situation.
"I wish I had the adorability like you."
by xVIXx February 04, 2010
The ability to get away with everything because you have alot of cuteness and innocense about you. Usually has at least some youthful qualities.
At work, the reason why she never gets in trouble when she screws up is because she has such a sweet, innocent smile that makes the boss not be able to resist her. She has so much adorability.
by PrincessR November 23, 2009
the ability to be adorable
Aw, that penguin has some serious adorability!
by adorablepenguin June 08, 2013
The ability to be adorable
You're so cute! you totally have adorability
by slothen May 27, 2013
Ones ability to be adorable.
He is adorable, greatly exceeding my adorability.
by LatoniusMaximus June 12, 2012
The amount to which something is adorable.
Kelsey - It's ok when I'm dumb because you think it's adorable.

You - yes but when you mention that it kills all adorability.
by Mr. Kurtz June 10, 2008

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