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Unknown Group of musicians who are'nt very famous, but make excellent music.
If you have a music group, who isn't recognized, but have some great music, you've just become Adema
by John September 12, 2003
42 81
The band smart enough to get rid of Marky Chavez.
Marky Chavez is way fucking emo.
by feathered roadapple March 29, 2005
61 32
Synonymous with the word suck; Commonly used in metaphors to describe other bands.
This band is extremely Adema!
by Joe Notaman March 09, 2005
63 43
A really good band with a unique sound
The self titled CD is better.
by FiZZiX May 17, 2004
84 97
A unique-sounding nu-metal band from the US. Though relatively unknown, they still have a quite a big number of fans.
They create songs that vary in the nu-metal sound, from soft and angelic to heavy and angry.
Adema are a kick-ass band!
by Horvat April 24, 2005
48 69
1. (noun, slang): see salvia divinorum.
2. Adema (noun): rock band.
I smoked some adema and then turned into a sombrero on a dude's head in Mexico!
by Learned Larry July 02, 2004
21 57
A band that has great musical talent and is anything but a gay MTV metal band.
Buy their CD's. They are one of the few good new bands to come out.
by awex January 05, 2004
39 75
a badass band that everyone should listen to or someone will die.
dude adema owns so hard im freaking out man
by chris May 31, 2003
38 74