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Term used to describe a dilapidated or abandoned building, mostly used in reference to a school. The dirtier or more run-down the building, the more it is "EKC".
This place is such an EKC.
by Horvat August 16, 2005
Slang term used to describe a male (often teenager), who is in denial of his love for women's clothing and jewellery. Openly will they deny their passion, but secretly will they love to dress up in girls clothes. Wearing lingerie or necklaces, or modifying their male clothes to look girlish are tell-tales signs of a Sacco.
Person A: "Man, that guy is gay, right?"
Person B: "No, he told me he isn't."
Person A: "Oh. Well he's quite the Sacco!"
by Horvat August 16, 2005
A unique-sounding nu-metal band from the US. Though relatively unknown, they still have a quite a big number of fans.
They create songs that vary in the nu-metal sound, from soft and angelic to heavy and angry.
Adema are a kick-ass band!
by Horvat April 24, 2005

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