-A person whom is obsessed with gaming, especial that of the xbox series of consoles and/or games.

Gamer 1: I was up till 4 last night playing Halo 3!
Gamer 2: Dude, youre such and ADAM-BOMB! BOOM!
#adam #bomb #adambomb #xbox #xbox 360 #gamer
by halo33333 October 21, 2007
Top Definition
A clever use of Adam Lambert's name and Bomb to be made sounding like 'Atom Bomb'. Describes the global phenomena Adam has caused with his incredible talent, sex appeal and charisma. Used to categorize a die-hard fan of Adam Lambert and everything that has to do with him. They are known as Adam Bombs because they're ever ready to explode in order to spread more Adam Lambert love and craze throughout the world. Also can be known as a Glambert or a Lambskank.
Person A: Man, those chicks cannot stop talking about Adam Lambert.

Person B: Of course! They're perfect examples of Adam Bombs! Ready to spread more and more Adam goodness everywhere.
#adam lambert #glambert #lambskank #adamazing #adamgasm #glam #rock god
by dee_nasir May 29, 2009
A term used in Counter-Strike: Source, when a player amasses a total score of zero throughout an entire half of a scrimmage. The term is a ploy on the word, 'atom-bomb' first used to reference the particularly bad play of one, Adam Boeving.
"Are you going to get a kill, or drop an Adam Bomb all day?
#zero #counter strike #source #terrible #useless
by Johnny Cagerage April 02, 2009
A person who is a obbsesive user of a game console, especialy that of and Xbox 360.
Man 1- Dude! I was up until 4 last night in a Halo 3 match!
Man 2- Wow. you such an obsessive "ADAM-BOMB."
#adam #bomb #adambomb #xbox #xbox 360 #gamer
by halo33333 October 24, 2007
Program Management decision involving updates of product on production environments done off the cuff, but requiring updates to configuration not planned out and communicated in advance.
The Adam Bomb was dropped on the service and we were scrambling all days with the fallout.
#radioation #cugyration #fecal hurricane #incompetence tsunami #incontinence tsunami
by Friggle August 03, 2009
a sexual move used by a pornstar of the same name it invovles a girl lying face down on the bed while doing her in the ass when he climaxes he pulls out and points his dick straight in the air creating a mushroom cloud.
i just adam bombed that hot chick over there
#danegasm #t-bay #henderson #dane #porn
by ferengi February 07, 2008
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