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Pocket cards 5-3 in the game of texas hold 'em. Typically seen as irrational play and may result in angry opponents.
You played 'The Ackerman' in that spot, what the fuck?!"
by Dan-O October 29, 2005
An extremely rude, foolish or inconsiderate person; jerk; jackass.
That customer was a total ackerman.

Hey, stop being such an ackerman.
by szadeklord July 20, 2014
Giving a woman an intense hickey on her rectum.
Last week I received a very pleasing Ackerman from the housemaid.
by OX1856 October 28, 2015
An extremly classy guy who is really good at table tennis.
he is very cool
"Woah did you see that classy Ackerman dude pwn at table tennis?!"
by hahahaha1234567890 August 30, 2008
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