Attract, Build Comfort, Seduce.

A model for interaction that pickup artists use to transition quickly to physical intimacy. This is the core principle of almost all openers, routines,and techniques.

It must be done in this exact order:

Comfort before attraction = friend zone and last minute resistance (LMR).

Attraction and comfort must take place before bringing your sarge to a seduction location.
Cocky and funny opener, busting on her, escalating kino. An example of ABS.
by AllYourBaseAreBelongToNobody April 05, 2009
Shortened verson of rectus abdominis. When you get ripped your abs show and you have a six pack
He's dialled in, his abs are razor sharp
by Brian December 06, 2004
Muscles on guys. HOT!
that guy has some nice abs!
by Rosie April 01, 2005
Acronym for Anti-lock Braking System. This system uses a computer to control your brakes on your car by applying and releasing your brakes quickly to prevent skidding or sliding from occuring.
Shiz, i'm glad i gots ABS or else i woulda hit that dude!
by yoyo dawg January 27, 2004
-Anit-Boner Shorts

AKA Compression Shorts

-Prevent you from getting a boner when in close proximity to hot girls.

-Ex. Worn to a dance, pool party, first date, or even for every day use.
Dude nice! Rockin' the A.B.S.!
by itsyaboi December 20, 2010
somethign thtas on a guy and thats fuckng hottttttttttt
and they make guys turn gay
Yo sexy lemme see ure abs
by yo mama May 23, 2003
an awesome abbreviation for when you have already stalked something or someone on any type of social networking i.e. facebook, twitter, tumblr.

literally stands for "already been stalked"
girl 1: did you see her trashy as fuck pictures from new years eve?!?!
girl 2: ugh ABS
by alittlet January 02, 2012
Acronym for "Angry Butt Sex".
Usually involves of a wrench, a pillow, an insulin needle, and a pissed off Bi-Polar Drunkard, known as Shannon O'Houlihan.

Person 1: how the hell is that drunkard chasing the kid with an insulin needle?

Person 2: Thats Shannon, i bet that poor kid stole Shannon's favorite wrench and pillow again... poor poor soul...

Person 3: EVERYONE SAVE YOURSELVES!!!! It's a Shannon O'Houlihan!!! he will have ABS with everyone!!! arrrrgggghhh

That was some serious ABS we had last night, I haven't worked up a sweat like that since I was a teenager
by NeWolf June 14, 2011

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