ABS is short for awkward body shape. For example, this could be someone with an abnormally large upper body, and tiny skinny legs. Or someone with big legs and a tiny torso. There are many different kinds of awkward body shapes.
I thought that girl was hot when I saw her sitting down, but then she stood up and she has a serious case of ABS.
by lefou May 08, 2009
Noun: An abnormally nice and or large pair of breast.
Guy #1: "Dude did you see that chicks tits?!"

Guy #2: "Fuccckk those were some abnormally huge fuckin' tits. That chick has Abs dude"

Guy #1: "Defff. man she has some killer Abs!"
by Sup3rChubb April 29, 2008
Angry Butt Sex, often used in question form as to confuse the questionee:
Dood 1: Hey Dood 2, do you have ABS?
Dood 2: Yes, I do.
Dood 1: Eww, you have angry butt sex?!!?
by vinman1810 January 17, 2007
Shortend term for albino black sheep (www.albinoblacksheep.com).
maaann, wicked flash vids on abs.
yah, i know.
by whitetiger16 May 14, 2004
Shortened slang term for "Absinthe", a hallucinogenic, Balz(TM) tripping alcoholic beverage.
Hey bartender, bring me another Abs!
by Jack Batemaster January 07, 2004
1. A girl with a nice booty.

2. The acronym for Ample Booty Sista.
"Damn, that girl has some ABS!"

by Tagman77 January 25, 2004

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