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Acronym for "Angry Butt Sex".
Usually involves of a wrench, a pillow, an insulin needle, and a pissed off Bi-Polar Drunkard, known as Shannon O'Houlihan.

Person 1: how the hell is that drunkard chasing the kid with an insulin needle?

Person 2: Thats Shannon, i bet that poor kid stole Shannon's favorite wrench and pillow again... poor poor soul...

Person 3: EVERYONE SAVE YOURSELVES!!!! It's a Shannon O'Houlihan!!! he will have ABS with everyone!!! arrrrgggghhh

That was some serious ABS we had last night, I haven't worked up a sweat like that since I was a teenager
by NeWolf June 14, 2011
Absolute Bull Shit
This is ABS.

This absolute bull shit.
by PunjabiQueen July 10, 2011
Acronym for "Awkward Boner Syndrome"
I was at work the other day giving a presentation, when ABS struck!
by Phydeaux8635 May 19, 2013
Already Been Screwed.
Dude 1: D’you think dat she is an ABS babe, huh?

Dude 2: Nah, man.
by quan cao tien October 05, 2010
ABS (Author's Boredom Syndrome): When a writer gets the compulsive yearning to jot something down--anything!--due to a pressing sheer boredom. Could be poetry, a story idea, brainstorming, etcetera. More than half of the time, however, the end result will be mediocre because it was forced in order to conquer boredom.
"Man, work was boring as hell. what a long ass today. if it wasn't for my ABS, I don't think I could've made it."


"So, babe, did you write anything today?"

"Yeah...six poems."

"Damn! You usually only do one, two at the most."

"I was bored out of my mind, so my ABS kicked in. Chances are, they all suck."
by Abaddon_Uziel February 06, 2012
A smell that contains the combination of ass, balls, and shit. It can be used to describe any kind of foul odor. It is commonly smelled after a long night of partying or inside a locker room.
Your entire room reeks of ABS!
by Marcharis-beloved creator June 28, 2011
Ass Bleed Syndrome. It results from one of two conditions. One result is from defecating too big a turd. The other results when politicians and crooked salespeople try to ream you a new one.
"I'm really concerned that after the election, the banking system will be bailed out, and the taxpayers will end up with A.B.S."
by Stephanie Ellison February 19, 2008