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Someone who's parents cared so little about them that they would have actually named them Abcde, the first 5 letters of the alphabet. A B C D E, pronounced: Aabseday
"Ah, after this 100 hour birth i dont even care anymore. you know what? Abcde"
by Seaney G September 24, 2007
Airways, Breathing, Circulation, Disabilities, Extrication. Acronym based off the ABC's of CPR. The ABCDE's are used by many mountain search and rescue teams to help them remember the correct protocol. Without the Airways being open, it does not matter if the victim has a pulse or is even breathing.
Rescuer 1: Don't forget ABCDE.

Rescuer 2: Already done.
by Blackdog416 August 07, 2008
A description of love and how the lover's intials intertwine. Shows appreciation for the significant other.
Hey look our names create the ABCDE's!
by Chezz41407 December 06, 2010
same as fghijk
a womans boobs or breasts
mostly used in chat, computers and IM
Hey you got a nice abcde
eww you pervert!!!!
by iLoveCalifornia November 28, 2007
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