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(American Born Confused Desi) Term used to describe those of the Indian (South East Asian) descent who are unaware of or are unwilling to outwardly project their Indian Heritage. The title is typically used by those of the same nationality but who are unwilling or unable to assimilate to a culture other than their own.

While it is thought to be negative to be considered a ABCD, the term seems to do more damage to the culture it is meant to protect. Instead of dealing with real personality traits such as hard-working, intelligent, or family-oriented, the term ABCD focuses on the trivial aspects of one's ethnicity. i.e. Music, Film, Dress.

OPINION- I'm certain if anyone, U.S. or abroad, were asked to describe the joys and hardships that come with being Indian, that he or she would not reach for movie stubs or cds. It seems so unfortunate that a nation, where so many struggle to succeed by any means, would create it's own special way to bring it's people down.
"Did you see johnny with all those Eminem posters on his wall? Total ABCD. HaHa"
by NotConfused September 23, 2007

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