Attack The Pussy; Having a strategy to fuck a girl's vag
Bro I'm bout to get that pussy from my girl, I'm ready to ATP!
by Jedi378 May 02, 2012
Attack That Pussy
Me and my girlfriend are hanging out tonight, I'm gonna ATP!
by BHS TENNIS May 01, 2010
A hot rap group out of Indian Trail, North Carolina (more commonly known as the ITL.) The group usually spits sick rhymes about their adventures in biology class, as well as their hard lives out on the streets.
Person 1: "Yo, did you hear ATP's hot new albums, 'Shave Your Pubic Hair' and 'No Membranes?'"

Person 2: "Yea man, ATP is my shit!"
by Yung Golgi January 20, 2010
An up and coming rap group consisting of Yung Golgi, Fungi Boy, and ER da Juiceman, commonly known to feature such rappers as Token, Lil Taco, Yogannes, Scary Girl, Rhymenocerous Rex, Hipp-Hopp-o-Pottamus, El Javier, Radd Shadd, Cappn' Clutch, Lady Guyase, and Shrik Ross Da Boss.
Damn dawg, you heard dat new hit single by ATP?
by dnyswyr January 13, 2010
1.A professional comic book colorist better know as "angry flower" 2. A very talented artist whom enjoys scotch immensely.
1. I wish I had half the talent of ATP.
by feral urbanite March 31, 2010
stands for
AMAZING TWIN POWER, it is a secret power
that only twins have and allows them to be like really amazing and super cool and pwwwnnnn alot of ass at shows
and be really cool, it's the secret key to world domination.
OMG alexis and sofia have such ATP, they are so cool i wish i could be like them but i can't because they are way too amazing.
by sofiaandalexiss July 02, 2009
Assume the position
ATP, it's NTB time!!
by illini25 July 10, 2008

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