Anal Toe Play: (n) - When one inserts their big toe into a girls butthole much to her pleasure. This act is usually started by light-switching the girls butthole to get her in the mood. Once a girl has tried ATP she will be hooked for life
Jeff was amazed when he saw how easy FS took the ATP. She was clearly a pro he thought.
by The Situational Franchise December 08, 2009
Any Time Pussy (Penis)
Troy at 5am after consuming a large amount of alcohol: Yeah, man I gotta go meet my ATP at the Plaza.
by Officer Soto March 25, 2008
"All Tomorrow Parties" pretentious music festival for British upper middle-class holier-than-thou scenesters.
"hey, kid, you sure you don't wanna come to atp next will be rad and you know it."
by Posh Gurung May 14, 2006
Asian Tight Pussy also used for virgins
KEVIN:--Hey mikey i just got a new girlfriend

MIKEY:-- that's cool, does she have an ATP?
by Kevin aka K-dub December 04, 2006

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