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The ITL is a small town located right outside of Charlotte, NC. ITL is a shortened version of the town's real name, Indian Trail. The town is filled with people who like to get drunk and blow stuff up. If you happen to drive through Indian Trail be on the look out for some folks building a bonfire in a field. That means that they are having a field party and you should stop in and drink some free hard liquor. There is also plenty of females in the ITL. And, if you are looking to hook up, then you have found the place to stop. If you end up in this place one night acting a fool, don't worry because the sheriffs won't even bother you.
I'm going to the ITL this weekend to vist some slizzles.

I know I was wasted last night, but how did I end up in the ITL.
by Dirty February 14, 2005
abv. Is That Legal?
Used in text or chat
Person 1: Dude totally just hooked up with my math teacher

Person 2: ITL?
by tyw112 November 07, 2010
in the library, an acronym (usually texted) amongst college students that are in the library so often that they have shortened the phrase for convenience.
-Hey, you gonna be itl tonight?

-Nah, I'm watching teen mom

- ...
by Bang-BangMMMEN April 24, 2012
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