1. Ass To Mouth
2. Automated Teller Machine
3. Alice T. Mathews

1. After Endulging In Anal Sex, The "Fuckee" Enjoys Inserting The "Fuckers" Genitalia Into Their Mouth Directly From the Colon.
2. A Machine Where People Insert A Plastic Card Resembling A Credit Card, Enter A Pin Number, And Decide How Much Money They Would Like To Withdraw From A Bank Account. Where As Over Drawing Said Account Normally Provokes An Overdrafting Fee; Also If Not Used At A Machine That The Bank From Which The Card Is Issued, May Invoke A User Fee.
3. A Very Attractive Blonde Who Lives In Either New York, Ohio, or London. She Likes To Travel, Indulge In The Spirits, Ride Horses, And Especialy Loves Kittens, Cats, And Other Members Of The Feline Family
1. That Chick I Brought Home From The Bar Last Night Was A Total Freak In Bed, She Even Asked Me To Let Her Do ATM!
2. Hey Man, Can I Get A Ride To The ATM, I'm Deffinately Gonna Need Some Money At The Bar Tonight.
3. I Used To Know This ATM Chick, She Was Pretty Cool, I Wonder What She's Up To These Days
by Tiny Joe Bust December 27, 2009
Ass to Mouth
I fucked my bitch in the ass then put it directly into her mouth. I ATM'd her.
by M. Shy September 09, 2003
A music group including rappers and artists "Aj Suede, D-Teck, and JG" ATM stands for Addicted to music.
-Joe "Hey man i heard ATM's new mix tape, its fire!
-John "Yo lemme listen!
by Themus July 22, 2010
The act of going directly from anal sex to oral sex without hesitation or cleaning
Me and my woman went ATM last night and she didn't even notice the shit on the end.
by slothstar November 15, 2009
Someone you use for hook ups and sex. They might be looking for a relationship but you're just using them whether they know it or not.

Synonymous with: bank
mark: yo jen is a sweet ATM
luke: I know. She puts out all the time, its great
by timOHHthy September 29, 2009
When a man -or- a woman with a strap-on fucks a woman -or- a man in the ass, and then immediately puts the penis -or- strap-on into the woman -or- mans mouth without cleaning it first.
As a straight couple:
Dude, I gave my girlfriend ATM yesterday and now there are weird sores on her mouth!

As a gay couple:
Like, I totally like fucked my boyfriend in the ass yesterday then like stuck it in his mouth, it was like hawt.

As a FemDom couple:
My husband took my dirty strap-on in his mouth yesterday after I fucked him in the ass. He loves it when I give him ATM, that little bitch.
by FemDom Bitch September 12, 2007
"One of the newer marketing ploys in pornography is called "ATM" ("ass to mouth"), where the male performer anally penetrates a woman and then sticks his penis into her mouth, often joking about her having to eat shit. In this pornography the code of debasement is most stark. There is no apparent increase in male sexual pleasure by moving directly from the anus to the mouth outside of the humiliation that the woman must endure."

(Robert Wosnitzer et al, 2006, "Aggression and Sexual Behavior in Best-Selling Pornography: A Content Analysis", p. 23)
Men who enjoy the suffering and humiliation of women (="ATM"), are diagnosed with paraphilia ("sexual deviancy" in scientific terms) according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders by the American Psychiatric Association and the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems by the World Health Organization.
by The Happy Humanist June 06, 2011

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