Ass to Mouth means person A is fucking the ass of person B. Person A removes cock (prior to cumming) from ass and inserts in mouth of person B.
Mmmm...the nutty brown flavor of ATM.
by Anon April 06, 2004
"Ass to Mouth"

receiving anal sex from a partner then immediately afterward getting a blow job.

also known as a fudgesicle
"That girl Sarah gave Jimmy some ATM last weekend."
by Snooki555 January 30, 2010
Robert's such a freak I'm sure he goes atm!
by michellej99 February 19, 2009
Ass to mouth, is when a man is fucking a girl in the ass then "transfers" his cock to her mouth so she can taste her sweet own ass.
I'm gonna atm that bitch tonite!
I bet she's an atm!
by peter pumpkin October 26, 2006
Ass To Mouth
"Ay yo you hear kristin wants to go ATM with kevin!" "she lucky! i'd go ass to mouth with kevin anyday!"
by M-A-R-I-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O April 14, 2010
A.T.M. meaning "after the money". generally a hoe or gold digga who will chase after the money maker. A.T.M. is a prime example of being stupid enough to not see it happen to you. Only your friends and family will notice when your girl or man is A.T.M.
chantal is a hoe fasho. you know she's only ATM girl, and whats sad is he dont even know.
by Buggz G.A. February 18, 2009
Going "Ass To Mouth."
That girl Jess Sullivan is disgusting for going ATM.
by Nate Tallon May 29, 2008

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