All About The Money
I'm Atm and the money all about me
by Adreeunnn November 16, 2015
A man who gives an endless supply of cash to his wife/girlfriend

this i usually from having a gold digger as a wife/girlfriend
whenever Emily wants money, Tanner gives her it because he is an atm
by weasle369 November 11, 2010
Initials stand for Ass to Mouth. This is the transaction of a male pulling out his penis from the depths of a female asshole and placing it directly into the chicks mouth. There is only a 5 second grace period or the transaction is canceled from extended drying.
1. I pulled a quick ATM transaction on Marie last night.

2. (Prostitute talking) Can we stop! I need that money from the ATM
by CJdaTruth November 09, 2010
A machine used by adults to grab money whenever they want to be lazy and it's also used by the robbers to "borrow" money. This machine is scary when you think real hard. It's like the perk machines from Zombies. Wherever store you go they are there. They never run out of their product in this case money. As well as the fact when you use it it helps you kill them someway so OORAH!
"Nick is going to the ATM to get money now, that lazy fucker."
"Reach for ATM toniiiiiigght."
by WithoutAir April 26, 2016
a time machine
Man 1: Hey, are we gonna use the ATM?

Man 2: Hell yeah!
by CheesyLimeJuice April 01, 2015
No, not the machine. At The Moment.
Bob: Hey, whatcha doin atm
Blob: Nothing much.
by BishopOfBling July 13, 2014
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