Awareness Through Movement. Group classes in the Feldenkrais Method.
So, are ATMs really just a bit of twatting about on the floor in the hope you'll be less of a tit?

Yeah, i guess that just about sums it up!
by HollaBackGirl2 December 18, 2007
A person of Hispanic descent living in American illegal. They are unable to obtain a bank account, so instead they have to always carry their cash on them.
See those ATM's over there. Let's rob them so that we can get some cash.
by Falconroc October 11, 2007
Having a girl give you head after you had anal intercourse.
Taylor seems to be intrigued with the ATM idea.
by Ckopapyk September 09, 2004
Ass-to-Mouth, sexual term for anal to oral penis insertion.
She was a kinky bitch; she really loved ATM.
by brucec2003 July 24, 2006
Angry Troll Monkey: Angry, loud, obnoxious girl that looks like a mix between a monkey and a troll. Watch out, some ATMs have been known to fling their own poo like their monkey namesakes.
"Damn, last night I had this crazy ass anal sex with this ATM! She even gave me some ATM (ass to mouth) action! It was hot yo!"
by Mr. Ballsack February 18, 2005
Abstinence 'Til Marriage. Often referred to as one's "ATM card," similar to one's "V card."
Bob: Hey, man, I heard you gave up your ATM card.
Joe: Nah, dude. ATM is where it's at!
Bob: Totally! All the cool kids are doing it!
Joe: Well, technically they're not doing it!
Bob: Haha, oh Joe, you got me there!
by IJustHadSexButImMarriedSoItsOk April 18, 2011
Always Toking Marijuana.
Brian: Hey Jordan you toking?

Jordan: Bro, I'm ATM!
by GinjaJ November 21, 2010

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