Anything that matters.
by Master of plants December 31, 2009
at the moment busy atm...
by PhoneuS June 25, 2004
The Act Of Removing Ones Cock From Your Lovers Ass And Promply Shoving It In The Mouth.
Yo Last Night I Gave That Dirty Bitch Some A.T.M.!
by Stevie B. From Dirty Jerz November 10, 2004
arse to mouth (the reason he fell in love with me:))
guy- dude she let me fuck her arse then sucked my cock straight after

guy1- wtf !!! she did atm ??? ....sweet
by nette231 September 09, 2011
Ass to Mouth. The practice of sticking your penis up the butt and then sticking it in the mouth.
I gave her an A.T.M. Or, "Sorry, I'm late..., Shannon made me go to the A.T.M."
by Sethzky September 05, 2008
A bumper sticker commonly used for Texas A&M University Aggie fans, with an enlarged T in the center.
Did you see that aTm sicker? Someone vandalized it by putting "E"s on either side of it during the UT/A&M game. Do you think they get it?
by DWM June 24, 2006
A.T.M. means Ass To Mouth. As in, your banging a chick in the ass, you pull it out and she gives you head.
Yo, that chick I took home from the bar last night, we did A.T.M.
by ItIsI November 09, 2012

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