A.T.M. means Ass To Mouth. As in, your banging a chick in the ass, you pull it out and she gives you head.
Yo, that chick I took home from the bar last night, we did A.T.M.
by ItIsI November 09, 2012
Abbreviation for a toda madre. Often seen on graffiti in Chicano neighborhoods. (See definition of a toda madre.)
"Latin Kings were here ATM"
by La Cindy August 04, 2007
"One of the newer marketing ploys in pornography is called "ATM" ("ass to mouth"), where the male performer anally penetrates a woman and then sticks his penis into her mouth, often joking about her having to eat shit. In this pornography the code of debasement is most stark. There is no apparent increase in male sexual pleasure by moving directly from the anus to the mouth outside of the humiliation that the woman must endure."

(Robert Wosnitzer et al, 2006, "Aggression and Sexual Behavior in Best-Selling Pornography: A Content Analysis", p. 23)
Men who enjoy the suffering and humiliation of women (="ATM"), are diagnosed with paraphilia ("sexual deviancy" in scientific terms) according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders by the American Psychiatric Association and the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems by the World Health Organization.
by The Happy Humanist June 06, 2011
Atm is an acronym for ass-to-mouth established in the 1600's by Analucious the third. A fairly popular sexual act involving a man's penis, a woman's anus, and a woman's mouth. This act was perfected by Analucious' sister and his second cousin.
steamers goes ass to mouth (atm) and enjoys it
by sdawg1988 November 22, 2010
ATM is an abbrieviation that has several common meanings:

1: At The Moment: Used when refering to one's current temporal circumstances.

2: Automated Teller Machine: A machine that dispenses physical currency and performs the role of a bank teller.

3: Ass To Mouth: A sexual act commonly featured in hardcore pornography where a penis, sex toy or other implement is removed from a person's anus and re-inserted into their mouth. Not to be confused with anulingus].
1: "Sorry, I'm busy ATM."

2: "There was quite a long queue for the ATM."

3: "He pulled out of her asshole, and she turned around to clean off his member with some ATM."
by kPMg_O4 August 05, 2011
The definition of ATM is "Ass-To-Mouth!"
Guy 1: "Yo bro, did you really eat that ass out last night?"

Guy 2: "Fuck yea dude!!! We straight ATM'ed at my crib!"
by manwhoeatsu October 18, 2012
All Terrain Masterbater
someone who is so incredibly bored and horny that they masterbate anytime and anywhere possible.
Man he is such an ATM i cant believe he jerked it in the gravel pit!
by joelarryasshole January 30, 2007

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