at the moment
mike: what are you doing?
mark: having a soda A.T.M
by FDameion August 29, 2010
Atm is an acronym for ass-to-mouth established in the 1600's by Analucious the third. A fairly popular sexual act involving a man's penis, a woman's anus, and a woman's mouth. This act was perfected by Analucious' sister and his second cousin.
steamers goes ass to mouth (atm) and enjoys it
by sdawg1988 November 22, 2010
Abbreviation for a toda madre. Often seen on graffiti in Chicano neighborhoods. (See definition of a toda madre.)
"Latin Kings were here ATM"
by La Cindy August 04, 2007
Awesome Tits Man, used as an exclamation that shows you approve.
"Dude check out my new girlfriend!"
by ATM Machine March 17, 2015
The definition of ATM is "Ass-To-Mouth!"
Guy 1: "Yo bro, did you really eat that ass out last night?"

Guy 2: "Fuck yea dude!!! We straight ATM'ed at my crib!"
by manwhoeatsu October 18, 2012
ATM is an abbrieviation that has several common meanings:

1: At The Moment: Used when refering to one's current temporal circumstances.

2: Automated Teller Machine: A machine that dispenses physical currency and performs the role of a bank teller.

3: Ass To Mouth: A sexual act commonly featured in hardcore pornography where a penis, sex toy or other implement is removed from a person's anus and re-inserted into their mouth. Not to be confused with anulingus].
1: "Sorry, I'm busy ATM."

2: "There was quite a long queue for the ATM."

3: "He pulled out of her asshole, and she turned around to clean off his member with some ATM."
by kPMg_O4 August 05, 2011
a) (apples that melt): valuables left ''unattended", especially food , consumed in the blink of an eye by other family members, left on your kitchen table
b) (assholes that matter): teachers in high school you absolutely hate, but whose class you must absolutely take, and pass, in order to graduate.
I mean we have all had an atm, definition, b), right?
by Sexydimma February 28, 2015

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