short for at the moment.
yeh, i'm pissin on city fans atm.
by International Bad Boy August 02, 2004
Chatspeak, meaning At The Moment.
atm, i dont really care what u think.
by silly_walk September 13, 2004
At The Moment

Background unknown, but i guess irc freaks
im a bit stoned atm !!!
by Bloodcore March 28, 2005
ATM is the acrynom for "At The Moment." People usually use it during a chat conversation or email.

Hola_girl: Hey, what's up?
Smiley_girl: Sorry, can't talk. Studying for a test ATM.


Hola_girl: Can I come over to your house?
Smiley_girl: Sorry, I am sick ATM.
#atm #at the moment #at #the #moment
by Panda_girl April 27, 2009
either at the moment, or those ATM machines in banks that you withdraw your money from.
bob: hey
fred: kinda busy atm
bob: i gotta withdraw some money from the ATM machin
fred: okayy...go ahead.
#atm #money machine #a.t.m #bank machines #at the moment
by kitty_2 January 26, 2008
"Accessible Titty Money" - n. when a woman reaches into her bra to retrieve stashed $20's.
I was at the bar and this chick paid for drinks straight from her ATM.
#money #titty #atm #atm machine #cash
by HotChikpunk81 September 30, 2010
Automated Teller Machine. A device used to get money out of your saving account.
"I'm going to stop at the ATM."
by star8706 February 02, 2003
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