When you're out at a bar/restaurant with a group of people, who all pay cash, you throw down some plastic for the bill and swipe all their cash.
Instead of going to the ATM, and maybe paying a fee, I just ATM'ed my friends at the Club when the bill came.
by whitebonecrusha March 19, 2010
Ass To Mouth Sex.Pulling Your Cock From Ones Ass And Putting It In The Mouth.
Gave Her Some A.T.M.
by Stevie B. From Dirty Jerz November 16, 2004
Abbreviation meaning Rich Boyfriend.
Oh, that's just her new ATM.
by TaraM May 24, 2005
Automatic Teller Machine - Australia's poor alternative to EFTPOS (Electronic Funds Transaction at Point Of Sale)
Tourist: "Do you take EFTPOS?"
Australian Shopkeeper: "Crikey deeek mate, what's eeftpos? There's an ATM over there" -->
Tourist (sarcastically): "Yeah, sure. I don't mind paying a $10 Cash Advance fee at the ATM when I could just use EFTPOS for free" (Why can't Australia just accept EFTPOS like the rest of the world does?)
by Sherlock Holmes January 07, 2005
all day every day no matter what u find a way 2 get high only on weed
expression used by graffiti stoners
ATM- always toking marijuana

a true stoner is always toking marijuana
a person who dosnt smoke weed everyday, or does illegal drugs is not a true stoner/pothead
by WhEReIsDaBuDd420 November 20, 2009
asynchronous transfer protocol. A form of data transfer using packets without synchronous measurement.
The bank's ATM's were running on ATM.
by mrfisher April 29, 2009
Abrev. Ash Tray Mouth
ATM is common among frequent smokers. People with ATM are most unpleasant to kiss for those without a smoking addiction.
"No the sex is amazing... but she's got total ATM."

"Then he pulls out a cigarette and I think, oh not another ATM!"
by WawaGreenTea September 26, 2008

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