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1. Usually a girl that's off the bolt.
2. A female that is naive, doesn't know whats better for her... Somebody going crazy. Can be derogatory or playful.
3. Playful way of saying fool. Can be used around friends to show a warm, loving connection. Especially when yelled out really loud… DDDDUUUUUURRRRRAAAAAA!
I gave Igor a danza slap because he was being a dura that time we were driving in the car to Cal.
by Ckopapyk September 14, 2004
1. adj. The sound a passionate kiss makes.
2. n. A loving, sensual kiss- basically still a passionate kiss
3. v Giving someone a passionate kiss.
1. 1. Our kisses are amazing because they’re tzom kisses.
2. I’m going to tzom djonik all over when I see him.
3. I constantly feel like I can tzom you all day!
by Ckopapyk September 14, 2004
1) When somebody’s going insane… their bolts have come loose
2)Same as off the chain but white people don’t have to say it sarcastically anymore like they're making fun of saying off the chain (but in reality they use the word all the time!)
3)A bolt will come off when its not screwed on tight enough- therefore “off the bolt” can imply baggy vaginal labial or rectum.
1. Calm down Lil, you're off the bolt!
2. Djonik is off the bolt!
3. Her ba dunk-a-dunk is off the bolt. She's been places!
by Ckopapyk September 09, 2004
Having a girl give you head after you had anal intercourse.
Taylor seems to be intrigued with the ATM idea.
by Ckopapyk September 09, 2004
sucka free... being cool and without restraints. Originated in San Francisco- thus, SF
The city by the bay is sf!
by Ckopapyk September 14, 2004

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