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1) Ass To Mouth: Porn or Hardcore Sex, Man Pulls penis out depths of a womans ass and immediately puts in the womans mouth. A degrading act.
2) Doing the same thing to investors.
3) Asycronous Transfer Mode - A high speed optical communication protocol based on 53 byte packets, screwed up by the Europeans.
4) Automated Teller Machine dispensing yuppie food coupons
3) Worldcom is a leader in ATM deployment.
2) Worldcom shareholders got the ATM treatment.
by DrWho August 21, 2004
The land given by God to the Palestinians.
I support a two state solution in the Middle East, with the establishement of a Palestinian homeland in Antartica.
by DrWho November 22, 2004
Radical hateful and extremist version of Islam founded in Saudi Arabia.
The Saudis are the largest funders of Whahabi schools around the world.
by DrWho August 21, 2004
1) Gay men who use allegedly gerbils in their anal sex. The gerbil is supposed to asphyxiate and the death spasms are considered pleasurable. Possibly meant as an allegory on the supposed selfishness of Gays.

2) Man who drinks cum out of anothers ass.

3) A process used by (medeival) blacksmiths of dipping heated metal from a forge repeatedly in water to facilitate fast casting/tempering.

org.estern America

An Unlikely Urban Legend has Richard Gere as a frequent hospital bound victim of feltching accidents.
After Fletching, followed by more Anal Sex, the Gerbil was pushed above <insert celebrity here>'s rectal Shelf and could only be removed at a hospital.
by DrWho August 21, 2004

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