Going "Ass To Mouth."
That girl Jess Sullivan is disgusting for going ATM.
by Nate Tallon May 29, 2008
Simple acronym for the sexual act of "Ass To Mouth".
This chick is a Freak.......I'm sure to get some ATM action 2night.
by Skinny D September 24, 2007
ass to mouth
having anal sex with a girl, and then right after she gives you head
'i atm'd the bitch last night'
by cbf April 09, 2006
Against The Mainstream
"Man, Phil still thinks that the government is hiding the evidence of UFO's. He's still so ATM"
by Izzgood St. Saint July 19, 2005
While in the act of anal sex,you pull out of significant other's assto put it in hermouthwhere one makes his deposit.
You know it's true love,when she does you an ATM.
by DSanchez February 26, 2004
the act of going ass to mouth. to have anal sex than the person provides oral sex. Or just eating ass than kissing the person
"At the party last night, she totally went ATM, never kissed that bitch again."
by pete-izzle November 28, 2006
Whilst performing anal sex on a woman, pulling your penis out of her ass and putting it in her mouth: Ass To Mouth, or ATM
1. Jack gave Jane the ATM lastnight.

2. "Dude, last night I pulled my cock out and took jane to the ATM!"
by Keri Thomas August 25, 2006
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