By definition ATM stands for, having in your possession alcohol, tobacco, and mary jane (marijuana)

Yo man, we are gonna get fucked up tonight, I got the ATM.
by Russell B and Baseball D May 07, 2006
ass and titty man-any man who is attracted to any chicks ass and/or titties.
Yeah when ever me and my boys go to the club they always call me an ATM. no cuz i have a lot of money just cuz i cant enuff ass and titties
by andre clark October 22, 2006
Ass and Tits Man; a guy who doesnt like skinny girls, he likes ass and tits
guy1: hey you see his girlfriend's measurements
guy2: yeah... he must be an ATM
by JeremyL April 28, 2006
means at the moment, nt ass 2 mouth or w/e u ppl r chattin bout!
soz, bt i cant atm
well im doin my homework atm (yer, rite!!)
wt u doin atm? atm im bein kl!
by Abna July 16, 2005
ass and titty machichine - at a strip club what the cash dispensing machine is called
I needed a lap dance so i went to the atm.
by Marvin March 24, 2005
Attracted to men.
Me "you do you go to the Atm" Him "yea"
than I leave laughing.
by BIg Rob September 25, 2002
attratcted to men
Gay niggas are a.t.m
by Mighty Mouse September 12, 2003

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