means at the moment, nt ass 2 mouth or w/e u ppl r chattin bout!
soz, bt i cant atm
well im doin my homework atm (yer, rite!!)
wt u doin atm? atm im bein kl!
by Abna July 16, 2005
ass and titty machichine - at a strip club what the cash dispensing machine is called
I needed a lap dance so i went to the atm.
by Marvin March 24, 2005
Attracted to men.
Me "you do you go to the Atm" Him "yea"
than I leave laughing.
by BIg Rob September 25, 2002
attratcted to men
Gay niggas are a.t.m
by Mighty Mouse September 12, 2003
annoying twinkie midget
jack o'connell -A.T.M.
by J-Spice November 08, 2009
Anything That Moves- Used to describe someone's voracious and/or perverse sexual appetite.
"OMG, I heard Jenna had a threesome with a tranny and a German shepherd!"

"Yeah, she's totally A.T.M. You name it, she's fucked it."
by johncourage March 22, 2008
"One of the newer marketing ploys in pornography is called "ATM" ("ass to mouth"), where the male performer anally penetrates a woman and then sticks his penis into her mouth, often joking about her having to eat shit. In this pornography the code of debasement is most stark. There is no apparent increase in male sexual pleasure by moving directly from the anus to the mouth outside of the humiliation that the woman must endure."

(Robert Wosnitzer et al, 2006, "Aggression and Sexual Behavior in Best-Selling Pornography: A Content Analysis", p. 23)
Men who enjoy the suffering and humiliation of women (="ATM"), are diagnosed with paraphilia ("sexual deviancy" in scientific terms) according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders by the American Psychiatric Association and the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems by the World Health Organization.
by The Happy Humanist July 26, 2010

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