A abbreviation of "at the momemt"
atm I'm doing nothing...
What are you doing atm?
by Skaery March 20, 2005
ass to mouth
fuck her in the ass and she sucks your cock clean, also go back and forth from ass to mouth.
by theboss December 23, 2003
A magic machine that give out cash if you type in a secret number.
ow outta cash, better go to the ATM
by isla September 01, 2004
1) Ass To Mouth: Porn or Hardcore Sex, Man Pulls penis out depths of a womans ass and immediately puts in the womans mouth. A degrading act.
2) Doing the same thing to investors.
3) Asycronous Transfer Mode - A high speed optical communication protocol based on 53 byte packets, screwed up by the Europeans.
4) Automated Teller Machine dispensing yuppie food coupons
3) Worldcom is a leader in ATM deployment.
2) Worldcom shareholders got the ATM treatment.
by DrWho August 21, 2004
A scientific measure of pressure equivalent to about 14.6959488 pounds per square inch. Abbreviation for "atmosphere." Its is a measurement of how much pressure the atmosphere exerts on an object at sea level (where the pressure would be 1 atm).
There is 2.5818 atm of pressure on that balloon, causing it to shrink from its original size when the pressure was 2 atm.
by DragonFyre August 19, 2005
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