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Aeon of Strife Styled Fortress Assault Game Going On Two Sides, also known as ARTS or MOBA, the DOTA genre.
Person 1: hey man u play lol?
Person 2: no i dont play assfaggots
by datonenigga January 15, 2013
In favor of liking the ass as if one were gay.
That Jon guy is really an assfaggot!
by Eric February 09, 2004
One who takes a cock in thyn ass.
Brad is an assfaggot. He works at a chocolate factory as a fudgepacker.
by Steve Viola February 27, 2008
a homosexual who only takes it in the ass or gives it. but doesnt like cock but is still s butt-fucker
dude, i think frasier is a huge assfaggot
by alex santana July 22, 2004
An interjection used to enter any conversation where you are unsure about the topic. Can also be used to universally answer and intentionally annoy or undermine the previous topic of conversation. The standard form used to enter a conversation is a question; "Do you mean assfaggots?"
Person I (in conversation with Person II): Hey, did you see that new episode of {insert primetime television program here} last night?

(Person III walks in)

Person III: You mean assfaggots?

Person II (in conversation with Person I): Have you heard that new single by {insert musical performance artist(s) here}?

(Person III walks in)

Person III: You mean assfaggots?
by Captain Manifesto July 07, 2011
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