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The area in your head where thoughts of a single person constantly reside.

When a person online has annoyed you so much or out argued you so much that you constantly think about them and how to insult them again and again, and you constantly post about them, then they have occupied your crawlspace, similar to that small area under a house, they have moved in and taken up residence in your brain causing you to think about them all the time.
Message board post #1: SPEMike is a cockhomo fat-ass who can't get a girl

Message board response to #1: SPEMike is totally in your crawlspace dude.

by SpofoAnon June 09, 2007
An insult referring to someone as a gay man who craves cock.
Roland is such a cockhomo, all he thinks about is sucking other guys dicks
by SpofoAnon December 26, 2007
A man, specifically a gay man who lusts after the cock while dreaming and fantasizing about having it shoved up his ass.
Roland you cocksexual assfaggot, get the hell away from me!
by SpofoAnon March 07, 2008
A non-age specific categorization of a generation and attitude where everyone else is to blame, and blame is never put on oneself. Everyone else is always at fault, and everyone else is persecuting them when they think they don't deserve it.
Student 1: I can't believe she gave me detention, she so hates me and is just making things up to do this to me.

Student 2: Stop being such a GenV, you were texting your boyfriend in class, you deserved detention.

Student 1: Oh my god, you are doing it too. I HAD to text him to make sure our plans to meet by the tree in the courtyard for lunch.

Hipster Office Worker: Ugh, I can't believe she wrote me up again, she is such a beoyotch. How am I ever going to get anywhere in this company if they keep restricting my creativity?

Other Office Worker: Well you have been over an hour late for work every single day for the past month, why wouldn't she write you up?

Hipster Office Worker: Can she not understand that I can't get up early enough to get here at that time, if I don't get enough sleep at night how am I going to be productive at work?

Other: Maybe not going out to coffee shops til midnight every night and not playing those shows with your band might be a good idea, I am sure getting home every night after midnight isn't good. Why not just stay in and go to bed earlier?

Hipster: That's art, it should be encouraged, how else am i going to break away from this corporate machine in order to pursue my music full time?

Other: You are such a member of Generation V.
by SpofoAnon August 13, 2009

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