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A class based mostly on note-taking and history. Basically just mindless shenanigans.
AP US History is full of shenanigans.
by thisistheworld May 15, 2007
One of the most ridiculously difficult, most fucking aggravating and profoundly anal retentive classes ever to be conceived by a devil worshiping baby eater. It alone can bring down an honor role student to virtually failing grades, anybody who gets a fraction of a point above above a 79% in this class and has the audacity to state that it is easy, or complains about their grade, has the choice to either literally drive 16 ford f350's directly into their tight pink virgin, soon to be bleeding, assholes, or rip out their sexual organs and sell them on eBay for no more that $1.35.
Bum: Spare some change??

Pedestrian: Why didn't you finish high school ya lazy bum?

Bum: I took apus history.

Pedestrian: ...how much do you need?

by cockjuggling thundercunt March 21, 2009
Also known as APUSH.

A class where you learn to use historical events and facts to of USA to find a new name for your c rap teacher.

Class which consist of endless reading and outlining. A stressful kick in the nuts for the ones who did not listen to the advice of the past APUSH students. Sucks for you.
No example, I have to go finish my outline for AP US History.
by Dollarside March 13, 2010
A class that's really not as hard as it seems, that is, after you've been raped by the villain and left impregnated. A child shall be born unto you and its name shall be success. After that, it's all about reading and listening. You could, however, get an abortion (i.e. fail) but this is just as mentally, physically, and emotionally scarring as pushing through to give your baby a good life, a better life, so just keep that baby. You'll cry at night, cry in the morning, and cry tears of joy when that baby is a fully grown 5 on the exam.

Ask questions about shit that ISN'T ALREADY EXPLAINED IN THE BOOK (that includes YOU Fucknuts) and study all the time!
Rookie: "I'm in AP US History. It's SOOOO Hard! Can you help me study?"
Veteran: "Fuck no."
by HatOfPolymers October 29, 2012
The best thing you can do is read review books. I don't know why this class is so hard for some of you guys, I hardly studied for the AP exam and got a 5, just like the other 11% of kids who took the test that didn't suck fag ballz.

Get two review books. One isn't enough. Two ensures that you're absorbing two different view points, and the two different sets of info helps a lot.


Seriously you better fucking know this, it's your own country assholes. It's really not difficult. I didn't even pick up the textbook, I just spent an hour cramming before each unit test, and three hours cramming before the AP exam, and ended up with a 3.9 UW in the class, and an easy 5 on the exam.

To all you retarded definers, stop psyching out stupid freshmen with your shit definitions. This is one of the easiest APs, you've been spoonfed this propaganda since pre-school. Suck it up.
Kid 1: Hey what'd you get on the AP US History exam?
Kid 2: 5
Kid 1: Same here.
Kid 2: Yeah, that's because we're not retards.
by RAH RAH RAH AH AH December 05, 2010
A 15-essay second semester final.
The class is easy, but what the fuck is this shit?!
by Alex April 23, 2005
An amazing class that may steal your soul but is SOOOO worth it because it gives you a perspective on the country unlike anything else.
Oh, and you won't die if your GPA drops a little...don't be stupid and drop it because you are worried about your GPA. After this class you can accomplish anything with ease. No lie.
"AP US History with Dube saved my life!!"
by anticonformity101 June 03, 2009