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The most boring of all history classes available. Endless notes, lectures, and worksheets all of which consist of 80% governmental acts.Spend hours on work that is only worth a couple points toward your grade but you still do it because youre an AP student.
AP US History makes me want to slit my wrists on block days.
by BCLAY February 19, 2008
Best phone available from Verizon Wireless. Nice screen on the inside touchscreen on the outside. Has lots of services that can be bought but are expensive and arent user friendly. Bad news is OCD people will go crazy from smudges and finger prints on the outside.
Hey is that the voyager?
No its an Env.
Ah you suck
by BCLAY February 19, 2008
The most beautiful think to walk on two legs this side of the Mississippi. Comes from the Kaz genus and has evolved a tremendous amount over the past thousand years. Very fond of wearing halloween clothes, tons of makeup, mini skirts, and tops all of which are too small. It has a tendency to burst out in random noises for unknown reasons. Little is still known of this species but thanks to funding from the Poti Association answers will be found. KKB
Look, off in the distance, is that, is that a Kazmond?
by BCLAY February 09, 2008

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