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The most boring class you could ever take in high school. your chances of passing it are next to none. do not take us history if you dont already have a 5.0 gpa from taking all honors classes since your freshman year, you hate studying, and your writing skills suck. You are guaranteed to fail if you cannot write a paper. Even practice DBQ's are impossible to pass. youre not even writing the paper and you cant pass! if you choose apush you are screwed in the ass. boring lectures where you take useless notes because theyre not even on the damn test. you wont pass the test unless you study your stupid ID's. yeah, those things that you write who, what, when, where, why and how for a whopping list of sixty things, which takes you about six hours to get through unless you actually have friends. GOOD LUCK. you wont pass one test unless you actually read the sixteen chapters assigned two days before. GOOD FUCKING LUCK.
"do you want to go white water rafting this weekend?"
"no, sorry i cant. im too busy studying for my ap us history test."
by ohnoitsdanniejay April 26, 2009
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