An abnormally large penis. Derived from the 3-foot long penis of a slave seen in the movie "Amistad"
Naim says he has the AP, but everybody knows that shit ain't true.
by the_guy January 14, 2005
asian pride
dude. that rice rocket is so AP.
that cup of noodles is AP too.
so is boba.
by bethany January 10, 2004
Stands for Advanced Placement. One of the worst programs for High Schools today. The school pressures you into this program so that they can receive more money and brag about how their school has the program despite all the failing students in it. Here are some facts:

1. Advanced Placement counts towards college yes, but ONLY IF IT'S NOT TOWARDS YOUR MAJOR. Let's say you take Biology AP. When you sign up for college and such, and Biology IS your major, the colleges will make you take it again and thus your Biology AP in high school is worth shit, now if you were majoring in English, then the Biology course would count as college credits, but WHY the fuck would you need Biology when you're an English Major?!

2. Advanced Placement does not give you a higher chance to go to a better college or university. The colleges and universities that you want to go to ONLY LOOK AT YOUR GRADES. They do not look at the difficulty of the classes. Let's say you were in all AP classes for high school and managed a C or B, and a fucking retarded student who had regular classes manages A. The university will choose them over YOU because their grade is higher.
Advanced Placement is for retarded kids. Don't make the same mistake I did. Plenty of my friends who were in regular classes went to good universities, I however, was in Advanced Placement and mananged a C or B. Now I get to go to a community college because the university rejected me. FUCK YOU AP!
by jhsfksjahfksafhsdhfaslkf July 26, 2006
abbreviation for After Party: generally smaller number of population of guests that were at an event that all socialise together after the event (Party)
Zoe: come to the AP at 12-3
by •~melanie~• July 30, 2015

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