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copying, as in "monkey see, monkey do"
I'm aping (Aaron) McGruder's style, so everyone will assume he's still on the job. For example, I read that he likes to use "N" words, so I'm using a bunch myself.

"Ninjas noodled nine nefarious neocons near Norway."

--FoxTrot (31-Mar-2006)
by jgw March 31, 2006
1. To study for the May AP exams until you go crazy and lose your mind

2. To endure the stress of the week before APs in which your life becomes the subject(s) you're taking

3. To procrastinate studying for APs by doing things such as making this definition
1. This is my 30th hour of APing and I've lost the ability to think straight.

2. Sorry, I can't hang out tonight- I've got some hardcore APing to do

3. I APed last night- I posted 13 times on Xanga.
by Emster May 04, 2006
when youre fucking a really fat girl up the ass and you grab her huge tits at the same time
Tom is always aping it with his 350 pound girlfriend.
by Allie Kazoo December 30, 2003
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