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another way of saying "said" or "says"
can be interchanged with like and "goes/go"
mostly used by teenage girls
So she goes, "He's so fine" and I'm all "Hell yeah!" and she's like "Damn" and I'm all "I know!"
by Jubilee November 18, 2003
1.Everything summed up into one word;
2.The equivelant of reaching spiritual enlightment
1. All

2. To become allular, you must drink of the bonus up, and eat of the krapper. To reach all, you must follow the all-o-gistics.
by Tom-the-definer July 04, 2006
1. everything: a totality of

2. dialog tag, somewhat valley girl, used with the verb "to be": said
1. All your base are belong to me.

2. "So I'm all, 'Shut up!' and he's all, 'No, you shut up!' and then I'm all, 'Okay.'"

by robotmad March 27, 2007
Short for all types of, all kinds of, all sorts of, etc.
Example 1: Your breath smells like all sewer pipes. You need a mint.

Example 2: She has all STD's. Fuck at your own risk.

Example 3: You're gonna get all face shots if I don't get my money.
by 2014_chiguy December 02, 2013
ALL - Anything that is truly DOPE ASS FUCK. Comprehensive RAWNESS. Innovation. Stylish. ALL Love- Stop HATIN'
*Oh shit! Dudes Hat game is..... ALL. * Homegirl came through last night, and did it ALL *Oakland CA, based Street Wear Brand
by [ALL] March 13, 2015
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