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1. A baby born with the HIV, because its mama had a smelly cooter.
2. A rich kid crying about something unimportant.
1. Tamiqua popped an AIDS baby out of her birth canal.
2. Ryan started crying like an AIDS baby after he got stabbed in the face.
by Ryan Guide October 06, 2007
A person (generally a gay man) who is on permanent disability for an outdated AIDS or HIV diagnosis even though now they are healthy enough to work.
Pollo Del Mar got sick with HIV back in 1994, but now she's healthy as can be and still pulling a government disability check every month -- miss thing is an AIDS Baby
by MadonnaLingLing April 18, 2011
1. One who is a douche and very punchable
2. An infant with Acquired immune deficiency syndrome
1. James such an Aids baby
2. Timmy isn't gay, he was just an aids baby
by Patnasty February 17, 2008
Aids baby: A baby, or infant, infected with the virus, "Acquired-immune-defficency-syndrom" If not treated, It can pose a threat to life if not treated soon
Doctor: "If this aids baby get the right dosage and medication, the virus will kill him"

Mother: "What are the side effects"

Doctor: "Who cares about the side effects, he'll die if we don't give him the meds"

Mother: "okay fine"
by Jake111111111 October 23, 2011
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