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Someone who truly believes they are black even though they are a lighter version of paper. They are tall but not very coordinated. They are very bad a shooting games and cannot talk without offending someone around them. They can jump but can't dunk. Though they think they can. They are funny but only to themselves. They listen to G-Unit and love the feeling of hot dogs in their mouths. They have a bad attitude.
Man you just Bogorined that dunk.

Take that Tupac shirt off right now you Bogorin

1 kill and 29 deaths a true Bogorin performance
by HeadHunter91 April 25, 2008
The caukiest Guitar Hero player in the buisness. Loves to peg people in the face. Makes fun of people daily. Doesn't approve of pants. Likes to break windows. Will be on the LPGA tour by 2012.
Man your a Corzilla at Guitar Hero.

Isn't too cold out to be pulling a cory?

Haha, you just got coryed.

My skates are to small, im cory..
by HeadHunter91 April 25, 2008
A term used to piss off anyone who hears it. Usually used to get out of a situation where they are being made fun of. Sometimes this statement involves a hand motion and sometimes it is performed commando. Often indicated by a scrauny black kid.
Wow, Stefan ive had enough of your silly accent.

So You? no not at all

So You? go back to Trinidad

So You? You have a terrible haircut

So You? Speak a full sentence for once homo

So You? Your getting blocked right now

So You? ______________ appears to be offline
by HeadHunter91 April 25, 2008
A person who loves to get goals. He'd wreck his own teammates just to get the oppertunity of shooting it wide. Thinks hes a potential 50 goal scorer. Greek beyond belief. Is a terrible team player. Washing dishes are the only things keeping him from committing suicide. Would try to dangle on a 1 on 31 rush. His head has climbed mountains. Loves wide doors. Does not share. Greediest kid in the dictionary. Easiest to get headshots on... Uses the word "clapper". Loves chatting with his mom.
Stole the cookies from the cookie jar. One of those kids that would try and dangle a 6 year old just to get his confidence up.
I'm wide open, don't pull a Costa.

I'm going to Greece soon maybe I'll see Costa.

No its not a tumour, my head is just a Costa.

Costa your a sniper!
by HeadHunter91 April 25, 2008
When someone pretends to lose alot of weight while only eating Subway sandwichs. When really they are getting help from AIDS. These AIDS put Jared through strength training programs that diminish the effectiveness of the Subway diet. Shame on you Subway.
Jared used to be fat but then he got AIDS

He used AIDS to teach him which steroids are the most effective

The African had to eat the crabs off his pubic hair to live through the week.
by HeadHunter91 April 26, 2008

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