An amazing band no matter what you wanna catagorize them as. Their sound has changed a lot since the departure of their old bassist and guitarist (who were replaced by Jade Puget and Hunter Bergan), but more noticeably since the new album "Sing The Sorrow". Many people criticize them for this, mainly because it brought forth a whole new group of posers, which hardcore fans hate.
Preppy Poser 1: d00d hav y0u hurrD STS11!!?//?
Me: Yes, have you heard any of their older albums?
Preppy Poser 1: Th3y HaV uth3r AlbuMs!/!?
by punkgtrst096 March 22, 2005
Stands for A Fire Inside.
The best band alive.
Better than the American Film Association.
A.F.I. contains beautiful lyrics, as well as memorable melodies and mesmerizing harmonies.
by Clarity January 18, 2004
AFI was a great punk band or "east bay hardcore," before they decided to turn EMO and make music for kids who like to cut themselves. I hope having your crappy new songs played on the radio was worth it AFI.
by maxac8 July 26, 2009
A.F.I. (AKA A Fire Inside) is an ever changing band. Their sound is constantly evolving: from their early hardcore punk days in "Answer That and Stay Fashionable", to their melodic anthems in "Sing the Sorrow" and "decemberunderground". It's incorrect to label them under a specific genre, as they are too unique.

Current A.F.I. band members are: Davey Havok (vocals), Jade Puget (guitarist/back up vocals), Hunter Burgen (bassist/back up vocals), and Adam Carson (drums)

The band's roots date all the way back to 1991 in Ukiah, California, where Davey Havok (vocals) and Adam Carson (drums) formed the band.

Original band members included Markus Stopholese (guitarist), Vick (bassist), and, of course, current members Havok and Carson. Vick was soon replaced by Geoff Kresge and the band began playing local gigs. They recorded with the band Loose Change, which contained future A.F.I. guitarist, Jade Puget.

A.F.I. split up after highschool to attend college. They rejoined over a holiday break to hold a reunion. After they experienced the audience's enthusiasm toward their performance, A.F.I. decided to quit school and direct their full attention on music.

They made their debut album in 1995, titled "Answer That and Stay Fashionable". The following year, record label Nitro signed A.F.I. and produced their second album, "Very Proud of Ya".

In 1997, Kresge (bassist) left the band and was replaced by Hunter Burgen (current band member). Soon after Stopholese (guitarist) also left and Jade Puget (current band member) took his place.

A.F.I. has released 7 albums up to date, including (oldest to most recent): "Answer That and Stay Fashionable", "Very Proud of Ya", "Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes", "Black Sails in the Sunset", "The Art of Drowning", "Sing the Sorrow", and "decemberunderground".

As of 2002, A.F.I. signed with DreamWorks Records, leaving Nitro Records. With that, A.F.I. released their mainstream hit albums "Sing the Sorrow" in 2003 and "decemberunderground" in 2006.

Despair Faction (DF) is a sort of club for A.F.I.'s fans, but it is also a way for the band to acknowledge them.

Have you heard of the band A.F.I.? What does it stand for?

-A.F.I. stands for A Fire Inside!
by Holly Russell February 17, 2008
A band whose title is an acronym for "A Fire Inside". They have transitioned through the years from punk to hardcore to a sound that's all their own.
Anybody who sits on the internet arguing about whether or not they like A.F.I. is a waste of life. Nobody cares what you think. Musical taste is purely subjective so there's no point in arguing about it.
by Gladimere June 12, 2006
One of the worst bands ever created. They sold out and became fags. Their music was 100x better when they were goths who lick each other on stage
some goth kid: I like AFI!
Person who likes REAl music: shoves the goth to the ground and kicks him in the gut*
by zxcv June 23, 2005
Means A Fire Inside

Great band. Biased by people until they actually sit down and listen to them.
Did you know that System of a Down has a backup vocalist who sings just like Davey Havok of A.F.I and isn't made fun of?
by gamefarm83 May 19, 2005

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