A.F.I. (AKA A Fire Inside) is an ever changing band. Their sound is constantly evolving: from their early hardcore punk days in "Answer That and Stay Fashionable", to their melodic anthems in "Sing the Sorrow" and "decemberunderground". It's incorrect to label them under a specific genre, as they are too unique.

Current A.F.I. band members are: Davey Havok (vocals), Jade Puget (guitarist/back up vocals), Hunter Burgen (bassist/back up vocals), and Adam Carson (drums)

The band's roots date all the way back to 1991 in Ukiah, California, where Davey Havok (vocals) and Adam Carson (drums) formed the band.

Original band members included Markus Stopholese (guitarist), Vick (bassist), and, of course, current members Havok and Carson. Vick was soon replaced by Geoff Kresge and the band began playing local gigs. They recorded with the band Loose Change, which contained future A.F.I. guitarist, Jade Puget.

A.F.I. split up after highschool to attend college. They rejoined over a holiday break to hold a reunion. After they experienced the audience's enthusiasm toward their performance, A.F.I. decided to quit school and direct their full attention on music.

They made their debut album in 1995, titled "Answer That and Stay Fashionable". The following year, record label Nitro signed A.F.I. and produced their second album, "Very Proud of Ya".

In 1997, Kresge (bassist) left the band and was replaced by Hunter Burgen (current band member). Soon after Stopholese (guitarist) also left and Jade Puget (current band member) took his place.

A.F.I. has released 7 albums up to date, including (oldest to most recent): "Answer That and Stay Fashionable", "Very Proud of Ya", "Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes", "Black Sails in the Sunset", "The Art of Drowning", "Sing the Sorrow", and "decemberunderground".

As of 2002, A.F.I. signed with DreamWorks Records, leaving Nitro Records. With that, A.F.I. released their mainstream hit albums "Sing the Sorrow" in 2003 and "decemberunderground" in 2006.

Despair Faction (DF) is a sort of club for A.F.I.'s fans, but it is also a way for the band to acknowledge them.

Have you heard of the band A.F.I.? What does it stand for?

-A.F.I. stands for A Fire Inside!
by Holly Russell February 17, 2008
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The best band ever. Stands for A Fire Inside. The rock band originated in Ukiah, California in 1991. The band is composed of four sexy vegans..(that has nothing to do with their music though. I'm just another immature, biased, teenage girl)..with Davey Havok as the vocalist, Jade Puget as guitarist, Adam Carson at the drums and Hunter Burgman as bassist.

They don't really have a single genre that they belong in..some could say hardcore punk or some even say alternative rock..nobody cares except for the ignorant fools that stereotype them as an emo band.
stereotyping bitch: oh is that another AFI song on your iPod? well that's too bad..because I don't hang out with EMO kids!
awesome AFI fan: die bitch! AFI is NOT emo..you will pay for saying that.
by just another Teenager September 06, 2008
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afi stands for "a faggot inmybutthole". Their music can be compared to the sound of babies being devoured by lucifer, pigs being mass slaughtered, and emo kids crying as they cut themselves to sleep
Emo kid: dude i love afi
normal kid: dude, you think your life sucks? try being a vietnameese prostitute that gets raped every day and has to use coat hangers to perform abortions on herself. Then talk to me about your life
Emo kid: im to deep for you to understand! *runs away crying with eyeliner runing down face*
by asodpfasdf November 29, 2006
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all for it
'hey do you wanna go up to the shops'
'absolutely, I'm afi'
by lifeologist February 24, 2015
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One of the best bands known to mankind.
Has the sexiest lead singer in the world Davey Havok
Un-definable style of music and lyrics that if read without music can pass as poems
"If i were gay i would be proud of it" -davey havok

"no to the date? ok rape it is then"
by Nixi McDonald June 20, 2005
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look out here comes the afi
by €nrique chikles November 11, 2006
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One of the most incredible bands to come out of the punk scene in 1991. After a short break up to pursue college careers, the band reunited and put off plans for college for good. Today they are an incredibly successful rock band with a solid and faithful fanbase.

The current line up of AFI is
Adam Carson
Davey Havok
Hunter Burgan
Jade Puget

Many accuse AFI of selling out to the big label (Dreamworks and now Interscope) to become more successful, but few ever stop to think if the music has really changed and only asscoiate getting more money to, "sucking". The band has yet to have dramatic changes, but the fan base has most certainly changed from before.

A plethora of "scene" people or "music elitists" would accuse AFI for being a poser band and say that they "suck" and they've listened to sucky bands before. However, most of the people who have accused AFI of being a poser band haven't even listened to AFI before and only rely on the words of mainstream post STS fans.
1. A.F.I. is truly an amazing band, composed of poetic lyrics and talent.

2. Indie rocker: Ew, AFI are such a stupid band. Why not listen to bands that actually sound like music? Like, trulymadlydeeplysoulsthatring?
Normal AFI fan: I dare you to say that five times fast!

3. Music elitist: AFI are so passe, I stopped listening to them when I found Sublime and Op. Ivy. Only fourteen year old girls listen to AFI.
AFI fan: And I'm sure that plenty more listen to Sublime you bland overly opinionated starbucks coffee drinking music snarking elitist.

4. Most people who don't listen to AFI, don't bother listening to them because preppy girls listen to them, therefore making these pathetic haters, stupid. Why, you ask? Because they're basing their opinions on an artist on thirteen year old preppy girls. Instantly making these snide haters, tools because, really, who the frick gives a flying @!&#!* about what a preteen prep has to say?
by Elynor March 04, 2006
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